A Broken Garage Door Spring Is a Safety Hazard

A Broken Garage Door Spring Is a Safety Hazard

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Broken garage door springs frequently lead to garage door service calls. The specific spring models used in a garage door will vary, based on the weight of the door and manufacturer specifications. Contact Prestige Garage Doors the Central Florida, Oviedo, Orlando & Mims area for prompt inspection and repair of residential and light commercial garage doors.




You may wonder why garage door springs may malfunction when other parts of the garage door remain in good condition. Our spring repair professionals at Prestige Garage Doors are here to diagnose the issue right away. Many factors can account for this situation, including:


  • The age of the springs
  • The impacts of weather
  • The rate of daily garage door use
  • The condition of the springs themselves, and more.



For instance, cold weather and wet conditions sometimes contribute to the development of rusty springs, a significant safety concern. Even if only a single garage door spring malfunctions, replacing all of the springs at the same time may prove advisable in order to maintain consistent spring performance and help keep the door's weight well-balanced. Prestige Garage Doors based in Mims, FL and serving the Oviedo & Orlando, FL area will inspect your garage door and provide the best solution to help save you money in the long run. To learn more about our spring repair services, call 407-399-8566 today to speak with an experienced garage door technician.